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So I've released the first thing I decided to do since I've been able to come back and start working on my personal plugins, mods and website. Sure does feel good to get working on this stuff again (too much work, and no play make kris go fucking apeshit and need to make/do something fun!). So without any further delay I present to you 'Character Creation Body Tattoo', or CCBT for short.

I'm sure you've guessed the mod is for Skyrim, and you'll need the game to use it (duh?!). What this mod does is allows you to choose from 10 different, Lore-Friendly tattoo/War Paint designs for your character in the Race Menu. You can access it when creating a new character, or by using the console code 'showracemenu'. Here's a quick run-down of what the mod does, and a short video to show you a little about it. Once I get a little more free time I'll make a better video, and produce a better write-up about the mod.

**since mid June 2013, Race Menu has added an option for tattoo's, which has made this mod obsolete. I have removed this mod from the Skyrim Nexus website. This mod it is now unavailable. If you still want this mod, please send me a message via my contact form, and I will send it to you.

Character Creation Body Tattoo's (CCBT) allows you to choose a body tattoo when in the Race Menu.
All tattoo's are unique to the player, which means the NPCs in the world will not have any of the tattoo's that your character has.
Each race (Nord, Bosmer, Orc, etc..) has 10 Race-Specific tattoo's that are Lore-Friendly (based off ES Artwork).

Current Features
For vanilla Skyrim character meshes. No SKSE needed (SKSE version in developement)
Body tattoo's unique to your created character (no NPCs will have your tattoo)
Race-specific, lore-friendly designs (artwork based off of ES series)
10 designs (per race) to choose from (10 unique to each race. Male and female.)
Designs for Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Breton, Bosmer, Dunmer, Altmer and Orc
Additional tattoo packs available; PSD's available on my website.(some released here)
Easy instructions for Artists/Modders/Users to add their own tattoo designs to CCBT
Optimized BSA for quick loading tattoo skins with little to no extra system lag

Upcoming Features
A new 'Skinny Woman' version will be coming out later this week (April 21-27) that allows the player (female) to be the skinniest weight, and still choose between the 10 different tattoo designs (per race) that are available.

Also in development is a 'Muscular Man' version that sets the player (male) at the highest weight, but still allowing you to choose between the 10 different tattoo designs per race. ETA two (2) weeks (stc).

What You Should Know
CCBT creates a completely new race system for the player. All vanilla races have been changed to only let the NPCs use them, while the player (you) use a different race system that copies all information from the vanilla races. This is used to allow CCBT to apply the tattoo skins to the player only, while maintaining the same look and character feel of vanilla Skyrim.

Nothing has been deleted from the game, but some minor additions to the MQ101QuestScript have been made. The CCBT-kore.BSA contains a .PSC file for the MQ101QuestScript, and a .PEX file called playerTattooSkinSet, which is an addition to the scripts used by CCBT to ensure your skin is proper when loading a save, or if you use CCBT on an existing character.

Since CCBT uses a competely new race system for the player, this mod will have conflicts with other mods that make changes to the player meshes (body replacer), vampires (body replacer), MQ101QuestScript (very minimal, you might not notice) and race dialogue. More conflicts might happen, and I appreciate any feedback received.

All new races use the vanilla clothing and armor that comes with Skyrim, so mods that use the vanilla Skyrim models will work fine with CCBT. You should NOT need to alter anything for it to work.

This version of CCBT is not compatible with any mods that use SKSE (Expired's Race Menu, etc.), or with any body replacer mods (Better Males, etc.).

I am developing new versions of CCBT that are using SKSE, and will support Expired's Race Menu, and a bunch of the different body replacer mods like Better Males. This will take some time due to how expansive this mod is now becoming. Please be patient while I am developing the new versions that will support the features that you would like.

I have very large plans for this mod now that it has become semi-popular, which will include NPC factions having faction-specific tattoo's (ex: Stormcloaks have bear-head tattoo's), a tattoo shop/parlour (like the face sculptor) to change/add-to your characters look, unique quests that will grant you a new perk and more.

Extra Content for CCBT
I will/have been creating different lore, and non-lore friendly tattoo packs that you can download and use for your personal use only. I have also provided some ZIPs that contain sets of some tattoo's I release in 2048x2048px HD, uncompressed, layered and named PSDs that you can use to create your own tattoo skins to use with CCBT.

I will be releasing the majority of the tattoo skin packs on the Nexus, but some will be exclusive to my website. I will be only keeping the PSDs I release available for download for limited time on the Nexus, then moving them to here for archiving.

You can find the downloads on the CCBT Tattoo Texture Pack page, or in my Freebies section right here if you're looking for my archived tattoo PSD files.

**since mid June 2013, Race Menu has added an option for tattoo's, which has made this mod obsolete. I have removed this mod from the Skyrim Nexus website. This mod it is now unavailable. If you still want this mod, please send me a message via my contact form, and I will send it to you.


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